Farm Fresh Eggs

Our pasture-fed hens are raised on beautiful, untreated grass. Their diets are supplemented with fresh produce straight from the farm, as well as organic, soy-free, GMO-free whole feed. They receive weekly treats of mealworms, flax seeds, and protein-rich greens that enhance the flavor and nutritional value of their eggs.

About our farm fresh eggs: Quabbin Hill Farms offers fresh, pasture-raised eggs, from our farm to your doorstep. Our eggs are gathered from the coop daily, cleaned, and stored in 100% recyclable containers and kept cool until sold.

Because we clean our eggs but leave them unwashed, they retain their natural protective coating and do not require refrigeration. This also means you may find a stray feather or a bit of dirt in your carton. If desired, rinse eggs with warm water immediately before consuming.

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